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Why Neomeet is Different From Other Video Conferencing Platforms

Looking for a super snappy and best video conferencing platform? Check out Neomeet, an altogether solution for your conferences to boost your productivity.

Why Neomeet is Different From Other Video Conferencing Platforms - Neomeet

Remember the old golden days when you had to go to the office for work and your days were super productive? Things were really jazy back when there was no pandemic. But now most of our work has become remote. It requires the best video conferencing platform.

Working remotely might be a thing you are worried about. You might think it will reduce your capabilities at work. But with the best online meeting platforms like Neomeet or Zoom, you can resolve the issue. Simply tie up all the team collaborations again just as if you are working under the same roof. 

Here are some reasons why you really should give virtual meeting platforms a try. So, why don’t you sit back and grab something to snack on? Meanwhile, let me show you some of the most marvelous platforms for video conferencing.

What is video conferencing software?

Software that enables you to connect to others via audio and video communication is known as video conferencing software. Now, the phrase ‘video communication’ refers to quite some things. Instead of using the webcam to communicate with others, modern video conferencing tools come with a lot more features built-in. 

To work remotely with more effectiveness, you might need to share your work from your screen. You might also need to provide a recording of your screen and so on. The best free video conferencing tools normally include all these features. These help you make the most out of video communications. 

All the operations of the software help to communicate over long distances. It also maintains strong security for your information. The basic architecture of this software includes codecs. These encode and decode your information while sending it over to the network. 

The best video conferencing service would provide you with the ability to collaborate with your team. Regardless of your position, you will be able to work while maintaining privacy. A lot of software is available out there. Among them Neomeet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams are some of the most reliable ones

Best video conferencing platforms

To help you get to know some of the most awesome software out there, I have compiled a list of the most popular ones, obviously including Neomeet. These are rich in features to maximize your productivity. They also maintain a secure and stable connection at a workable price range.


Zoom is probably the best video conferencing platform for large groups on the market. The software focuses on an easy-to-setup system with a bundle of exciting features. The platform is available for both mobile and pc. Zoom can connect more than a thousand participants at a time. But, this feature comes with the premium buy of the software. 

You can get the unlimited group meeting option on the free version but with a time limit of 40 minutes. But, one-to-one meetings are unlimited in the free version. The platform offers 3 types of price plans to choose from. You can get further facilities starting from $149.90 per year to $240 per year. The premium plan features unlimited cloud storage and more.

You can also install extra plugins such as audio conferencing and large meetings.  More than 500 participants can be handled with annual license purchases in this best free platform for video conferencing.

Zoom also allows a screen sharing feature that is handy for team collaborations. You can also share your important files while you are ongoing a video conference. Zoom offers great video and audio quality with a 256-Bit TLS encryption system. 


  • Ability to host more than 500 participants
  • Extra Addons for extra facilities
  • Cloud storage service
  • Variety of price plans to choose from


  • Not so user friendly
  • By default, the security is not top-notch
  • Video and audio quality is unstable
  • Features vary depending on devices
  • No attendee authentication like Neomeet
  • No scope of creating agendas and minutes
  • Costly price plans


This is one of the best video conferencing apps created by LogMein features an easy-to-use service. Go ToMeeting comes with a standalone service that is mobile-friendly. It also features a very convenient UI that is easy to grab on.

The platform by default supports HD quality for both audio and video. It offers unlimited meeting time. You can also get the mobile app for android and IOS on the native app stores.

Go ToMeeting also features dial-up conference lines. If you want to join a meeting via phone, Go ToMeeting has got you covered too. The platform by default comes with screen recording and messaging options to deal with all types of video conferencing.

This video conferencing platform will provide you with unlimited cloud storage. But this feature requires a business class subscription.  This tier also provides 250 participants with some extra features like mouse sharing and other admin controls. If you want to go even higher, the Enterprise tier supports 3000 participants. 


  • Unlimited Meeting Time
  • HD quality is the default
  • User-friendly UI
  • 24/7 call support


  • Requires add-ons for a seminar 
  • Enxented features need the enterprise edition


If you want to take your remote work to a whole new level of effectiveness, Neomeet offers an awesome solution. This is one of the best video conferencing platforms for businesses that makes hosting annual or board meetings effortless. 

Neomeet focuses on a huge range of users. The list includes business persons, associations, municipalities, and many more. Another thing the platform emphasizes is security. This features SSL  – connections and a state-of-the-art encryption system. Neomeet also offers different levels of authentications for users. This adds to its awesome security protocol making the safety of the data even tighter.

best video conferencing platform - Neomeet

If you are looking for the best video conferencing platform which is super snappy, Neomeet is here. It features a super user-friendly UI that is so easy to use. The step-by-step guide allows users to concentrate on more important things rather than researching the way to start a meeting. Now the user can concentrate on matters such as decision making and the meeting itself. The interactive video conferencing UI also comes with easy and flexible tools. Starting voting polls, sending invitations, examining the meeting minutes, and more you can do.

Another awesome feature of Neomeet is, it supports a wide range of price plans. Besides average price plans like other platforms out there, Neomeet offers a different plan.  It offers a price per meeting system. This makes it a very affordable video conferencing platform.


  • Super friendly UI with step by step guide
  • HD quality for video and audio
  • Easy tools for voting polls, invitations, and many more
  • Advanced security system
  • Authentication system for attendees
  • Minutes Inspection system
  • Supports hybrid participations


  • Requires addons for seminars 
  • Extended features need extra purchasing like other platforms

Microsoft Teams

Teams, created by Microsoft, is another best platform for social video conferencing with versatility. The platform supports more than 10,000 participants to host large meetings, webinars, and more.

Microsoft team features a capability to schedule meetings both for a team or a one-to-one. Participants can join the meetings without downloading any software.  Only a browser is enough to join a meeting like Neomeet and other platforms.

This best video conferencing platform for education and business comes with a whole bunch of cool tools. Microsoft Teams includes screen recordings, background blur, live captions, meeting recordings, and more. Users can even get extra facilities by integrating with Microsoft’s office 365 software. So, if you work a lot with the office 365 apps, Microsoft Teams can give you a whole bunch of flexibility and features.

Teams also come with some purchase plans to use its features. Though it provides a free version, more features need extensive price plans that can be quite a bit high. But, with a good investment and proper hardware support, Teams sure is a good platform to work with.


  • Integration with Microsoft ecosystem
  • Great quality for audio and video meetings
  • Superb security
  • Flexible chat system


  • Not so good outside the Microsoft ecosystem
  • Complex UI to work with
  • Complicated file-sharing system
  • Poor screen-sharing experience compared to Neomeet and the other platforms
  • Requires powerful hardware to run smoothly
  • Expensive


Video conferencing has become an integral part of our work lives. With the pandemic at hand, all collaborations and teamwork almost lost their hopes. At that time video conferencing reemerged to save us from the destruction of our productivity. 

While in search of the best video conferencing platform, Neomeet emerges with its awesome features and functionalities. Though there are more relevant platforms, Neomeet has its touch. So why waste any more time when you can dive right in and boost your productivity? Try out Neomeet, and you be the judge.

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