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What are the Pros and Cons of Video Conferencing

Confused if video conferencing is worth it or not? Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the technology to help you clear all your doubts.

What are the Pros and Cons of Video Conferencing - Neomeet

Video conferencing has become a really popular phrase these days. Though the technology is not new, currently its popularity has increased dramatically. Despite the advantages and disadvantages of video conferencing, video conferencing platforms are getting popular. 

In previous days, due to high price plans, video conferencing was only thought to be used by large corporations. But, these days a lot of adroit and affordable platforms provide the service. Neomeet, Zoom, and many are there each with their special features, and pros and cons. 

Video conferences have become a spicy and hot topic for business specialists. Though it has some disadvantages, the list of advantages can easily outnumber the other. So, is it really worth it to start collaborating using video conferences? What if you just called your team and have a voice chat instead? If you are ambiguous, let’s see if it changes after the article.

Advantages and disadvantages of video conferencing

If you are new to using video conferences, things might seem tricky and tiresome at first. Getting used to new technologies can be difficult if it’s not your thing. So here are the pros and cons to clear your mind on the phrase “video conferencing”

Advantages of Video Conferencing

When people started to drift away socially and professionally, virtual meeting platforms bring them back close to each other. Now, it’s not feasible to figure out 10 advantages of video conferencing. There are many more than that.

Communication Clarity

Researches show that more than half of what we express is done by our body gesture and expressions. While you speak, others need to see how you are speaking. Now, if you participate in an important discussion, your expressed thought might not be that clear if you use audio-only conferences.

With the provided HD video quality of the best online meeting platforms like Neomeet, others will easily understand what and how you say. It will make things clean as a slate.

Cozy Collaboration

While working remotely, collaborations can become difficult if you only rely on voice meetings. Sure you can clearly express your ideas using the video but you can do a lot more than that.

Just like a physical meeting you can sit back and use virtual whiteboards, share your screen on files among the participants. With the added features built into platforms like Google Meet, Neomeet, you can take your collaboration to a whole new level.

Cheesy Cheap

At present, a lot of companies are going off the shore to work with collaborators worldwide. But in such awesome collaborations, an effective physical meeting can be complex and costly if people had to meet physically in a distant place.

But with the advantages of video conferencing, meetings have become so much simpler and cheaper. Say goodbye to travel costs!

Rapid Response

With the help of smart and fast UI, platforms such as Neomeet, Zoom offers a quick and easy-to-set-up meeting system.

In case of any emergency decision makings or plan changes, now you won’t have to wait. Just set up the meeting with a few clicks and get started regardless of the participant’s positions. Innovations, growths, strategies are so easy to handle now!

Create Connections

While meeting new people, the introduction does not seem to be perfect without seeing that person in the first place.

This is where video conferencing comes in handy and many organizations use it to recruit new people. Even it works amazing when starting a new collaboration with a new person.

Treaty Trial

If you are skeptical about video conferencing, premium platforms such as GoToMeeting, Neomeet provides free trial options. So you can rest easy and try out those platforms to figure out your need.

You can try out a ton of features that you can use during the conferences to boost your productivity. In case you don’t like them, you can just move on. However, I doubt I would be so!

Disadvantages of Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is a powerful piece of technology that can demise many of your work problems. However, there are some issues people feel a bit bothered about with this technology.

Lacks locality

As mentioned earlier, more than half of the communication is done by body gestures and emotions. Even though you can see others’ expressions on the video, still it will not be like the real thing. The effectiveness of face-to-face conversation is indeed quite impossible to replace with video conferencing.

Network Instability

A video conference is very handy if you want to discuss or share ideas remotely. It can also be used for seminars, training, and so on. But to work smoothly, network stability is a must. 

Network Instability - pros and cons of video conferencing - Neomeet

Networks might not always be stable in certain places. In those cases, the video might get blurry or even start to lag depending on the network quality, So technical instability can make a video conference really obnoxious.

Technical Taints

Issues due to poor hardware quality are one of the common disadvantages of video conferencing. Many platforms are resource-heavy such as Microsoft Teams.

These platforms require higher memory and better hardware complements. So an average device might find it difficult to work with those resource-heavy platforms. In that case, you can try other flexible platforms such as Neomeet, Zoom, etc.

To get the best video quality, a high-quality camera is also required. So make sure to attach an extra camera with HD quality if your device’s built-in one is not up to the mark.


Many people find it hard to adapt to new technologies at first. So if you are thinking of starting video conferences, you might want to bring your employees to speed. They should get proper training on how to use the platforms and even troubleshoot minor issues if required. 

Expensive Entry

Though video conferencing platforms offer many useful features, they might be expensive for small companies. Moreover, the cost of maintenance can be a burden as well.

Zoom, GoToMeeting, Neomeet have a variety of price plans to choose from. So try them out at first and plan your investment accordingly. 


Video conferences have shown their importance in spheres all around us. Large organizations working at a worldwide scale cannot do a single day without this amazing piece of technology. Cost and time have been saved at a dramatic scale. Organizations can instantly communicate and collaborate, boosting their productivity in a whole new stage. 

However, both advantages and disadvantages of video conferencing should be taken into account. Plan on how you are going to use it.

There are a lot of platforms to choose from with awesome features you can use while you are in a meeting. Neomeet, Google Meet, Zoom, and many more can provide your amazing services at an affordable price range. So why wait any further? Dive in and you decide.

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