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Understanding The Importance of Hybrid Meetings & Neomeet

In this article, we will be discussing its importances along with demonstrating why Neomeet is the best hybrid meeting solution, so stay tuned.

Understanding The Importance of Hybrid Meetings & Neomeet - Neomeet

Before discussing the importance of a hybrid meeting and what makes it so great, we need to understand what a hybrid meeting actually is. Hybrid meetings are events that feature one or more groups of attendees connecting face-to-face with other meeting attendees virtually through hybrid meeting platforms. It’s a lot like a virtual conversation, only on a large scale. While hybrid meeting solutions have existed for a couple of years now, their importance grew substantially during the pandemic. 

The difference between hybrid and virtual meetings is that hybrid meetings create an amalgamation between the live and virtual events. As a result, it creates different types of attendees who can connect all across the globe. There is a tonne of benefits of hybrid work:

  • Hybrid meetings are a cost-effective option that benefits both in-person and virtual meetings.
  • Increases work efficiency by allowing a more collaborative environment.
  • Hybrid meetings have various types, which means you can choose one that fits your meeting goals.

Why Are Hybrid Meetings Important?

It Increases Event Participation

Hybrid meetings are a superior alternative to onsite attendance and offering meetings like these increases participation of attendees. This is because those who cannot attend due to travel costs, timing, or pandemic restrictions can still partake in the conference and get jobs done. While most businesses worry that this may result in a compromise of event participation, meetings like these increase the chance of attendance more. Businesses that provide on-demand viewing options tend to have a better chance of delivering the conference messages to the attendees as they can watch those at their convenience. 

Provide Useful Tools For Education & Promotion

In business, you need to enhance the communication and participation of the members to leverage the impact. Hybrid events provide the involvement of attendees and can serve as a great tool for education resources and promotions. The webcast, the edit and re-purpose a portion of the conference for sales and marketing tools can maximize the chance of attracting future attendees or using them for new organization members. These reports or content can also be shared through social media to generate interest in a particular subject. You can also create and use polls and surveys to access more info about certain aspects of your business, such as why attendees participated in the event, whether they benefited from the virtual event or not, etc. 

Turns Webcast Attendees to In-Person Attendees

If your business contains amazing speakers and provides attendees various degrees of opportunities, it increases the great chance of online participants to take part in in-person meetings. Intriguing content always attracts audiences.

Tips On How To Conduct A Hybrid Meeting Without Any Hassle

Establish the priorities of your meeting 

Understand what your priorities are. For instance, how many attendees will be there? Will the conference/event take place with in-room, remote attendees, or both? Ensure if the presentations are ready to be presented. Gather every bit of information you need for your upcoming meeting so that you don’t feel unprepared once the meeting starts. By identifying and establishing your priorities early on, you will be able to plan and execute effective meetings that accomplish your goals and help with your strategy.

Understanding The Role of A Host

Understanding The Role of A Host - hybrid meeting solutions - Neomeet

We know that virtual meetings, especially hybrid ones, are a blessing nowadays because of how convenient it has made our lives. With that said, nothing in this world has cons, and it’s true for hybrid meetings. While in-person meetings call for the need to be more attentive and one can easily be interrupted during a session, virtual meetings can be challenging to participate in for some. Attendees won’t be able to read body language or get attention when they raise their hands. Virtual meetings tend to be shorter in duration than real ones, so attendees need to construct a precise presentation. There are also complications with tech setups as many people aren’t tech-savvy. Therefore it’s the host’s responsibility to make sure the attendees are fully immersed in the meetings. 

Spend Time With The Tech 

You need to check everything thoroughly, from the virtual platform to the hardware, because you can’t afford to make mistakes during the meeting, right? To test the hardware and the software prior to the meeting, make sure the camera, microphones, and other gadgets work perfectly. You may even ask for other attendees’ feedback on the tech and setups. You may also need to change some settings in the software to make it more convenient for you to use. In case you get stuck, feel free to ask for help from tech support.

Why Is Neomeet The Best Hybrid Meeting Solution?

There are plenty of reasons why Neomeet is one of the best hybrid meeting solutions. Let’s start with the easy one; you get a 2-week free trial period as a starter. The free version allows you a maximum of 10 attendees plus all the functionalities of full versions. And then, if you like what you use, you can choose a paid plan. We have 3 paid plans, including Pro (€19.90/month), Enterprise (€29.00/meeting) & Premium (€99.00/meeting).

Neomeet is a browser-based virtual meeting platform for annual meetings and board meetings. Therefore you don’t need to download software or apps for using it. Our customers are based from various professions, such as businesses, real estate managers, associations, cooperatives, unions, funds, municipalities, etc. As a user, you don’t have to worry about our tool’s safety and legality as our service includes SSL connection and data encryption. Unlike other hybrid meeting tools, we offer various levels of user authentication to ensure 

Neomeet uses a step-by-step approach to help users understand the meeting process. Thus it allows attendees not to waste time tinkering around and solely focus on the meeting. It also provides simple tools for the meeting organizer to send invitations, organize a meeting, voting, taking up polls and surveys, inspecting, and much more. 

In a nutshell, Neomeet is super-affordable, convenient, secured, and can be used by anyone. So if you are searching for a simple hybrid meeting platform that offers tonnes of advantages, choose Neomeet with your eyes closed!

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