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Switch to Hybrid Work Model Smoothly With Neomeet!

Wanting to switch from traditional in-person work mode to hybrid work mode? Here’s how to do it smoothly with Neomeet.

Switch to Hybrid Work Model Smoothly With Neomeet - Neomeet

The post-pandemic lifestyle is the new normal. In the past, companies and organizations mostly followed the in-office work model where employers and employees were expected to show up in the office daily, think about 9-5 jobs. While some companies did have remote work models set up, it’s only now when hybrid workplace models are gaining traction these days. This is made possible by the technical advancements and organizations’ willingness to work online. Another benefit of hybrid work is that it gives employees the choice and flexibility to work in the office, remotely, or work in a combination of both. 

There are numerous studies and researches that back up the fact that hybrid work is the next big move considering most employers and employees are nodding heads and giving their approvals for hybrid work. A recent study conducted by SurveyMonkey suggests that 65% of survey takers have been working from home and insist that a hybrid work environment is a safe and ideal work model. If this doesn’t state the impact of hybrid work, we don’t know what will.

However, according to another survey between organization members, 68% of the participants don’t plan to shift their traditional in-office work model to hybrid settlement. They aren’t to be blamed because the transition to hybrid work takes time and effort. Not everyone is into this idea because of the immense setups needed for hybrid works to happen. Therefore, today’s article talks about the approaches and practices required for shifting to hybrid work.

How To Shift To Hybrid Work Model

Maintain a constant connection with your team 

When working in a hybrid network, teams need to be in constant communication and collaboration. This means that as an individual, you should turn on your call, text, and email notifications. Try to keep your phones on 24/7 so that you don’t miss any updates from your office. To make your office relationship solid and practical, it’s essential to host virtual team-building events. New employees will benefit from this as they get to introduce themselves and bond with other members. We suggest having a virtual event on Neomeet as it provides smooth communications without lags or glitches.

Create a digital space for storing up useful resources

Trainees and new employees may find it challenging to get through when a dispersed team is built. The setups are a little challenging to understand for them at first, so it would be reasonable to provide robust resources as much as possible. Thus creating a library that consists of all the recorded training materials and sessions will help them have access to the information and sources they need to get the job done. Not only the new employees but every member of the workplace will find it easier to navigate roles, maintain the security of their accounts and train others on the use of workplace technologies and solutions.

Lead your team to work using a unified communication solution

Lead your team to work using a unified communication solution - hybrid work strategy - Neomeet

Each team member working with a different set of software or apps makes it challenging for the hybrid workforce to implement the right solution to different situations, creates friction in user experiences, delays work based on the complications of different programs, and can be expensive to manage. Therefore implementing a unified communication solution reduces unnecessary workloads and delivers a frictionless experience where all the calls, chats, webinars, tutorials, video conferences can be found in one place. And Neomeet offers such a facility at a very affordable rate, so managing expenses is never a problem.

Choose a platform that works well with your hybrid work strategy

Emergencies never arrive with notice, so the workforce team needs to make a hybrid work strategy that gives them the ability to reach out to the team and stakeholders in a business for emergencies. Therefore choosing a communication solution that can hold a large number of people all at once will benefit you immensely as you don’t have to attend separate calls. In addition, Neomeet gives you the opportunity to host large events and meetings and amplify your work efforts.

Provide solutions for all employees regardless of their locations

If you are operating in a large-scale business that needs employees to work in an office and remotely, you will need a communication solution to create enterprise-grade communications experiences for both the employees at work and home. By providing solutions like these allows your team to collaborate digitally and create a distraction-free environment. This will eventually make your team more productive and efficient.

Why Should You Choose Neomeet?

Neomeet is a professional, user-friendly meeting platform for annual virtual meetings and board meetings. It has an inbuilt workflow so that You can focus on the decision-making. Forget the hassle with parallel applications and join the growing group of satisfied users. Bring your business communications on one platform and create an ecosystem for your team, where they can seamlessly do video conferences, phone conversations, texting, sending files and content, schedule meetings without the need to open different programs.

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