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Neomeet is The Perfect Tool for Onboarding Remote Work

Are you thinking about maximizing the effectiveness of your onboarding process for remote employees? Here are some things you should keep on your checklist.

The pandemic has changed the way we live. Unlike in the past, we are staying more at home, even for work. Remote work has taken over, and companies are changing their ways of functioning. Starting from new recruitment to massive project collaborations, all are happening remotely. For recruits, companies have moved on to a remote onboarding method.

What is remote onboarding? How to make the process more effective? Are you also facing these questions? Though they might seem complicated since they are pretty new, you can use platforms like Neomeet and Zoom to make things easier.

Online video conferences can make remote activities hassle-free and effective. You can make the recruits feel very welcome with a group meeting. You can also make the onboarding process super smooth. So, tag along as we show you how easily you can optimize the process.

What is Remote Onboarding?

When a team member joins a new company, they need to go through a process to get started with the new environment. The process allows the employee to get familiar with the new workplace, policies, protocols, etc. This process is known as onboarding.

Onboarding is very effective when the new workers get to attend the process in person. Even walking around the other workers to see how they work can become helpful for the procedure. But as we moved on to a more remote system, this onboarding process has also become a remote method.

Companies now use different platforms such as Neomeet and Google Meet to create video conferences to organize the onboarding process remotely. Workers can attend the process sitting at their home, with complete efficiency of the process.

How to Onboard Remote Employees

Are you struggling with remote employee onboarding for your new workers? It is crucial to know the practical process for achieving employee retention. Studies show that if you can confirm a smooth onboarding process, you can also impact the productivity and growth of your company.

So, here are some methods you should keep in your remote employee onboarding checklist.


You might think of starting the process when the employee joins your company. But, you can make the onboarding much more efficient if you start the process right from the offer acceptance. You also should keep in mind that recruits find it seamless to go through the remote process.

Extra Equipment

You should send the required work materials to your new team member. Software, gadgets, or whatever is needed, you should manage to send them to your remote worker. But besides that, the workers might need extra equipment.

To ensure the most productivity, you should make sure your employees get the best work environment. For example, the company can manage some workable furniture, a better computer screen and more. You can also use this excellent opportunity to use the companies’ swag materials.

In addition, you should also send some records and documents related to the company’s culture and work. Relevant videos, company magazines, brochures, or even links to social sites can be significant.

Handing Over the Handouts

Have you planned to hand over additional goods to your employees? Make sure that the receiving process on the other end is the least complicated. You can implement conventional delivery systems if you need to send something a long distance for this to work.

If they can pick the goods by themselves, you can provide them with time schedules. This way, the receiving process can be much more hassle-free and organized.

Early Start

Starting early with the onboarding process is an excellent way to integrate new members into the company teams. After your new employee has accepted the job offer, you can start by inviting them to the video conference rooms.

If you use platforms like Neomeet, newcomers can find it very easy to get started with the software. This will help the recruit to get accustomed to the company’s conventional video conferencing platform. In addition, they will also get an idea of the work and his team.

It would also be effective to connect them with their mentor or team leader at an early stage. Also, this will create a sense of belonging in your employees, increasing your company’s retention capability.

The Beginning

What is remote employee onboarding? The question was not that important in the past, as companies only used remote work in particular conditions. However, today it has become an inevitable process for almost any company. Right from the day of joining, your new hire should ease excellently if you follow the following practices. So, let’s carry on.

The Remote Initialization

Wondering how you are going to do the initiation of remote employees? Initiation is an excellent opportunity to welcome your employees on their day of joining. Introducing them to board members, giving them an office tour, sharing experiences from an old worker are the most effective things you can organize.

Though initiation in person sounds more feasible, using platforms like Zoom and Neomeet can make the process warm and welcoming remotely. On the first day of your hire, you can use Neomeet to set up a video conference with essential company members.

You can share documentaries on the platform to show more about the company. Senior staff can share their thoughts and experiences through the conferences. This will make the new team members feel very close and motivated towards the work.

You can even take things further if you can arrange a remote lunch on the initiation day. Sounds strange? Well, it is possible! You can deliver lunch to the members and share quality time remotely to get familiar with your new hires.

Initialize the Remote Access

Your new hire might get confused with all the gimmicks of your company at first. Every company uses its special software and tools to make the most of its work. The recruit must get familiar with all those as soon as possible.

To remove the confusion about the tools, you can set up video conferences for the recruits with your IT experts. Best video conferencing software comes with a super user-friendly UI that can help newcomers get started and running. With the proper help from your tech team, video conferencing is an effective way for your employees to ease into the new tools.

The Trivial Training

No matter how experienced a person is, training is a must after joining a new company. Practical training allows the employee to attain a great beginning with the work. Training is the most effective when the workers can get their hands dirty while learning. But remote training is possible and very practical indeed. Are you wondering how?

Video conferencing platforms like Neomeet offer a ton of features for remote collaboration. Screen sharing, file sharing, and many other features are there to make video conferences interactive. You can use them to create a super-efficient training process for your new hires. With real-time collaboration using video conferencing platforms, your newcomers can learn just as effectively as training in person.

Regular Video Meetups

Is your new team member feeling hesitant to share new ideas, issues, and all? New remote employees might feel like imposters from time to time. This might lead them to feel uncertain about sharing things. This can badly affect the employees’ productivity. So how do you solve it?

You should keep in regular touch with your employees to check things with them. With platforms like Neomeet, Microsoft Teams, you can set up occasional videos one to one. Talk with them and help them to eradicate the communication barrier they might be facing. Also, make sure the team member gets to know as many people as possible in your company to make him feel at home.


What is remote onboarding? How to improve it? This should be a running question for any company. As the world around us has shifted to a remote system, increasing the effectiveness of remote onboarding has become vital. You should keep the process as a work in progress. There is no perfect way to make onboarding the most effective. Try out different things and find the best way for your company.

You can use this effective onboarding method to recruit new remote employees in the future. In this way, you will be able to reach more talents than ever before. With software like Neomeet, you can connect with them most warmly and start your collaborations.

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