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Why Moving Your Physical Conference Online Is A Good Idea!

With the concerning events of the Coronavirus pandemic, there’s no need to tell you how important it is to stay at home as much as […]

Why Moving Your Physical Conference Online Is A Good Idea! - Neomeet

With the concerning events of the Coronavirus pandemic, there’s no need to tell you how important it is to stay at home as much as possible. Only it was that easy! However, some work can’t be done at home, and therefore you do need to step out. People like police, doctors, nurses, government officials, etc., need to go out and get their job done – these can’t be avoided. What you can avoid is having a physical conference of any sort and convert it into web-based meetings.

Yes, you see where I’m heading, do you? I’m talking about virtual meetings. A virtual meeting is an instance where people join in via an online remote meeting tool to interact with other people. Thanks to today’s technological advances, you no longer require meeting in a physical location to participate in a meeting or any kind of event. Virtual events consist of a few types, which will discuss in today’s article. The uses of virtual events include trade shows, job fairs, official conferences, expos, internal meetings, etc. 

Types of Virtual Events

  1. Conferences
  2. Webinars
  3. Virtual Meetups
  4. Online Concerts

The Benefits Of Online Conference

It’s flexible to use

A remarkable fact about the online conference is that it can be tailored to your business needs. For example, you can create an event, a one-on-one conversation with an employee, include/exclude people you want from participating, discuss reports and ideas, and so on. You just have to make sure that you are using the right online tools for business decision-making.

A cost-effective solution

Forget official conferences and the pandemic for a minute; imagine this – a social event is coming up, and you need a venue. Unfortunately, hiring a venue for an event can take thousands and thousands of money for just a day. Sure, you want to make it look fancy and all decked up, and therefore you may choose a physical venue. But if you are concerned about budget, you can host the event on a web-based platform. You only need to pay for the platform’s usage, and that’s pretty cheaper than the venue hire.

It’s a reliable source

You just need to ensure you have a good internet connection and a working device that supports your tool. You don’t need to cancel a virtual event because of the weather or some other inconveniences. Because participants can be able to join from anywhere, this means you don’t need to cancel the conference call.

It helps saving mother Earth

There’s no need to travel miles to attend a meeting or corporate events with online conference tools. Therefore reduce instances of carbon emissions from vehicles, and you save both your and the business money. Therefore, online corporate meeting solutions are life-savers.

Tips For Moving a Physical Event To an Online Platform

Do brainstorming

To tell you the truth, conferencing on an online platform isn’t that easy. You still need to worry about a lot of things. Also, buying just an online platform without checking the features isn’t ideal at all. Questions like how will one put forward the presentation, how many people can converse in one session, is the platform legit and secured, is it cost-effective, etc. are some doubts that come up. If you are asking yourself all these and more, jot them down somewhere so that you can solve all the problems one by one. Do more research if you need to.

Tips For Moving a Physical Event To an Online Platform - Neomeet

Think about the participants

Remember, online conferences are a bit more taxing than your basic physical conference. This is because we join the conference only to discuss the idea, plans, schedules and all sorts of work. There are no necessary breaks that go into the game. So, a typically more extended conference session may leave you and the attendees totally exhausted. Therefore, aim for short breaks every 2 hours to increase productivity. Also, remember that the time-zone of the participants may vary, so considering a suitable time frame is a practical approach. If everyone can’t participate, you can always pre-record the entire meeting for those who missed it.

Your etiquettes can make or break the conference

Before you scoff off Tip#3, take a look at what we are trying to say. “The key to a successful video conference or phone conference meeting is to remember that you are in a meeting,” says Susan Colaric, assistant vice president for Instructional Technology at Saint Leo University in Saint Leo, Florida. “Give your full attention to the participants as you would if you were in the same room. Don’t be distracted by email, Web surfing, or texting. Try not to eat or drink so that you can be prepared if questions are directed to you.” 

Therefore, she suggests that when joining the room, you should assume that the microphones are already live in other locations. This prevents you from making any pre-meeting conversation that doesn’t need to be broadcasted. Do these: look directly at the camera, speak slowly and clearly, keep body movements minimal, dress appropriately, etc., to make you appear confident in front of the attendees.


We have covered all the reasons, ideas, and tips why taking your physical conference online is a good idea. To make it super easy and convenient, we have shared some information that we think will be helpful for you. Anything else that we skipped? Do let us know!
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