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Keeping Remote Employees Engaged: 5 Best Practices

How can you keep your remote employees engaged and productive? Have you ever thought of using the best platforms like Neomeet? Here are 5 ways you can do so.

Keeping Remote Employees Engaged - 5 Best PracticesNeomeet

Remote working is the newest trend in the professional and corporate sectors. But it has its pros and cons too.

On one side, employees can work freely and flexibly. Contrarily, they might find it hard to connect with your company. If you cannot get your team members to feel connected, you cannot bring out their full potential. So, how to keep employees engaged during work from home?

Remote workers can be more permissive and productive. But, proper handling is necessary to maintain their efficiency. They can feel left alone if communication is not well maintained. This can result in a reduction in their productivity. 

But, you can use the best video conferencing platforms to keep your employees connected. Neomeet, Zoom, or Google Meet comes with a ton of features to help you assign engaging activities. Video conferences, remote team hangouts, seminars, and so on are out there you can arrange.

Remote Employee Engagement 

Remote employees can be very beneficial for any organization. A study shows that an average business can save over $11,000 per employee annually. But for this to work, proper engagement of those remote workers is necessary.

If you are the manager or the team lead, the engagement depends much on your shoulder. Keeping your remote employees happy and productive and not frustrated is one crucial duty of yours. 

Engaging them is also not a simple task that you can perform on a sunny fresh day and rely on that. Proper planning and dedication from your side are inevitable. If you succeed, your company is sure to get a lot of profound and productive remote employees. The growth of your company would also become rapid. But have you wondered how to make remote employees feel connected?

How To Keep Employees Engaged During Work From Home

Are you thinking about implementing tools to engage remote employees? If so, the best video conferencing platform can be a great option. You can use platforms like Neomeet, Microsoft team, or Zoom to organize different activities for your employees. Here are the 5 best practices you can try.

1. Communication Via Video Conference

The use of an effective communication medium is a great way to keep your employees connected. Video conferences are a productive option to save the team engaged while working from home. Updated video conferencing platforms like Neomeet or Google Meet come with an easy-to-use UI. The super snappy interface allows you to start a video chat and stay connected quickly.

These platforms are super-efficient for team collaborations. Group discussions, screen sharing, keeping meeting agendas are great for remote teamwork. Having face-to-face conversations over video chats can help maintain well-balanced communication. Collaborating this way can help your remote employees feel connected as they work.

When you communicate, don’t just do formal communications with your employees. Acknowledge them via messages, meetings. Things like simple kudos, birthday wishes can cheer up an employee a lot. In this way, the remote employee will feel like an actual member of the company, enhancing the dedication and connection.

2. Remote Watercooler Talk 

When working under the same roof, simple chit-chats with other employees can make the environment feel lively. The employees also feel at home and open themselves up. But on remote work, things can go cocky. It is super easy for such employees to feel lonely and isolated during work. 

If you have not been in touch with a remote employee, do reach up to him. Use video conferencing software to invite them for a video chat. Do some chit-chat and other non-work-related talks. Talking to them over video can be very beneficial to understand their actual mental condition. Check on them if they are facing any trouble. 

A small water cooler talk can help make your employees feel like they are in the same room with you. You can also talk about their lives, discuss games, politics and so on. Your employees would open themselves up and feel joyful being a part of your team.

3. Routine Check-ins Over Video Chat

A great thing you should practice is to maintain a routine check-in on your employees. Maintaining this type of internal conversation is excellent to keep your employee engaged remotely. 

As we all know, words can cover less than half of our communications. Expression, gesture, body language do the rest. So, having a video chat on a routine basis can be very fruitful. 

You can use the best video conferencing platforms like Neomeet to have routined meetings. The flawless HD video and audio quality of the platform are super-efficient for crystal clear thought sharing. 

Routine Check-ins Over Video Chat - tools to engage remote employees - Neomeet

Using Neomeet, you can set up scheduled video meetings, assign your teammates weekly or monthly goals, and so on. You can also create separate rooms depending on topics, projects, and ideas to keep all your employees connected. You can look for any issues on any employee and contact them privately using Neomeet if necessary. 

Build up a routine to practice regular two-way communications with your employees. Listen to their thoughts, feedbacks. Remote employees are sure to get engaged in this manner.

4. Remote Updates

Modern video conferencing platforms like Neomeet can do more than just video chats. They are designed to make your communications more effective than ever before. You can easily stay connected to your remote workers with both audio-video and text conversations in remote works. 

A great way to keep your remote employees engaged with your company is to give them regular updates. You can create rooms to post updates on company plans, projects, ideas, and news. You can also take feedback on those from your remote employees. This will make them feel very close to everyone as if they are working in a usual office. 

Using Neomeet, you can keep agendas on essential conversations and create voting polls on crucial topics. Include your remote employees in all of them. This is sure to increase the dedication and engagement towards the company.

5. Virtual Acknowledgement

Who doesn’t feel great to be rewarded? If an employee accomplishes fabulous work, they deserve appreciation. Acknowledging their job can make them more motivated to perform better. As a reward, a check or an award sounds like an excellent gesture. However, you can do more. A shout-out or positive feedback in the group can boost your employee’s dedication.

If you find a team member who deserves acknowledgment, simply organize a video conference to celebrate his splendid work. Top video conferencing platforms like Skype or Neomeet can support more than enough members to gather the whole team at once. Also, with its hybrid meeting support, Neomeet can handle both physical and remote participation. 

So what are you waiting for? If you have found your team member’s fabulous accomplishments, invite the whole work-family over. Acknowledge their work over the video conference. Boost their motivations and make others motivated to become more engaged.

Final thoughts

Remote employees are no doubt effective. But they are delicate as well. Lack of communication can make them left alone and reduce their effectiveness. In today’s remote work, you can use the best video conferencing platforms to make sure they stay connected. 

Platforms such as Neomeet, Zoom are designed to enhance the ability to communicate in today’s situation. With their built-in features, you can organize both regular and occasional group conferences. This can be effective in keeping your employees engaged. 

You will have to give a lot of thought to keeping employees engaged during work from home. Experiment and find the best-suited way for your employees. Make sure to maintain a regular practice of keeping in touch with your employees. Improve your way of keeping the best connection among your remote workers.

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