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Intranet Video Conferencing Benefits and Shortcomings (Updated 2022)

Try intranet video conferencing as an affordable and quick business communication within the office. Neomeet can be the solution to make such LAN video conference smooth.

Intranet Video Conferencing Benefits and Shortcomings - Updated 2022 - Neomeet

Video conferencing has become the new normal when personal safety is a priority in the business and corporate world. It is much easier to meet people worldwide using video conferencing platforms like Neomeet with convenience. However, you may need to arrange a meeting within the office network without connecting to the internet.

All you need for intranet video conferencing is a dedicated server to connect within your local network. This process has its strengths and shortcomings compared to a regular video conference. Let’s discuss this in detail to decide which one to pick.

What is intranet video conferencing?

Intranet video conferencing is a process of connecting multiple computers within your local network to have a video conference without using the internet. In this process, all the computers are connected to a server which acts as the gateway for all the participants to communicate.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of intranet video conferencing?

Compared to internet-based video conferencing, intranet video conferencing has its advantages. For example, if you have limited bandwidth, an intranet video conference is the best choice for you.

Also, if your organization is using a firewall or proxy server for internet access, an intranet video conference will work well within your network.

Advantages of Intranet Video Conferencing

The significant advantage of intranet video conferencing is that it will work on the local network and require no internet connectivity. This makes it easy to use and more effective than internet-based video conferences.

The setup process is also much simpler as compared to a full-fledged internet-based video conference. All you need is an office server with all participants connected to it via LAN cables or wireless connections like Wi-Fi.

However, this limits you from connecting only up to 5 participants at once,, which can be a drawback if more people are required.

On the other hand, this can be considered as an advantage because the use of CPU power and bandwidth will be limited compared to-blown internet-based video conference where multiple servers are needed depending on the number of participants.

Disadvantages of Intranet Video Conferencing

The major disadvantage of intranet video conferencing is that it is limited only to the local network and cannot be used over the internet.

However, you can consider this a strength because it prevents unauthorized access to your video conference and protects you from hackers. Another drawback is that if more than 5 participants are required in a meeting, you will need to arrange multiple servers, with each server handling 5-6 participants.

This increases the cost and complexity of setting up the system. Also, since all computers are connected via LAN cables or wireless connections like Wi-Fi, they will face issues while moving around the office if not connected through a LAN cable or wireless connection like Wi-Fi.

This can become an issue if you need to move around during video conferencing and take your laptop with you from one place to another. There may not be any network connectivity in some areas within your office space or even outside your office building where no wifi connection is available.

How is intranet video conferencing done?

You can do intranet video conferencing by using a dedicated server connected to your local network. You can also use your computer or laptop as the server. However, it is recommended to use a dedicated server for video conferencing.

it will allow you to set up a conference room in no time, and all participants will be able to connect without any problems. Also, if you have an external firewall for internet access, you will need to configure it for intranet traffic so that all computers on the local network can access the server (if using your laptop or computer as the server).

How is intranet video conferencing done - lan video conference - Neomeet

The basic setup consists of a dedicated server connected via LAN cable or wireless connection like Wi-Fi with all computers and laptops required to be connected in the meeting. Now, all you need is video conference software like Neomeet, Zoom, Google Meet or any intranet video conference software installed on each computer and laptop and on your server.

Next, log into your account from each of these devices and add one another’s Neomeet or other video conferencing IDs into their contact list so that they can see who is online and available. 

Now, go ahead and start communicating with each other as you would do with a video call. The only difference is that you have all computers and laptops connected to the same network,, but they cannot access the internet.

The benefit of using intranet video conferencing is that all computers are connected through LAN cable or wireless connection like Wi-Fi, so they will be able to move around the office without any issues.

What are the prerequisites for intranet video conferencing?

There are a few things that you need to be aware of before setting up an intranet video conferencing.

First of all, you will need a dedicated server or a computer for the LAN video conference. This computer will be connected to the local network through a LAN cable or Wi-Fi.

The other computers and laptops which will be part of the conference will also need Neomeet  installed on them with each other’s IDs added into their contact list. Now, you must have a firewall in place to allow intranet traffic so that all computers can access the server (if using your own laptop or computer as the server).

The next thing is that you should have a system administrator who can configure your firewall for intranet traffic and set up your dedicated server for video conferencing.

You should also know what type of network connection your local network uses and whether it is private or public. If it is private, you will not require an internet connection because all computers are connected within the same network.

However, if it is public, there must be an internet connection available to connect and participate in the meeting over Neomeet, zoom, or Meet. Also, if some computers are not connected via LAN cable or Wi-Fi, you will need to make sure that the computers are connected to the internet via a router.

Final Words

Intranet video conferencing can be an affordable solution for quick communication within the office. A dedicated server with adequate safety features will ensure better security of the communication and dadat transfer.

However, if you need a more robust software for both intra and internet video conferencing, check the amazing features of Neomeet for a dedicated corporate business communication.

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