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How To Use Online Voting Tools In Virtual Meetings?

There is a growing need for online voting systems for virtual meetings and there are ways to use online voting tools for meetings. So let’s check them out!

How To Use Online Voting Tools In Virtual Meetings - Neomeet

With the pandemic going on, in-person meetings and conferences are not always possible now. That’s one reason why organizations use video conferencing software like Teams, WebEx, Neo Meet, or Zoom. In addition, you must meet specific constitutional governance requirements with annual meetings like quorum/attendance management, proxy voting management, and other statutory requirements. 

However, using more than one software to run can be complicated, less efficient, and lacks security features, especially if you hold an important meeting. In addition, you have to make certain aspects like sending communication emails twice, managing attendance, and submitting proxies. 

Now, if that requires members to use two systems for a meeting, then the odds are it will cause inconvenience and lessen their interest to participate. That’s why using an integrated tool that offers online voting systems within the virtual meeting software is usually your best option for streamlining the process. So let’s check out how to use online voting tools in virtual meetings to make them more efficient and streamlined, so let’s check it out!

How To Conduct A Virtual Meeting With Online Voting Tool?

Software like Neo Meet can take care of the communication, event announcement, and invites seamlessly. You can simply put in the required information, like a list of email addresses and names of the candidates, and the rest will be taken care of by our video conferencing solution. 

 It includes everything from sending an email with all the information required for the meeting to tracking the attendance of the voters. Everything is centralized, and the communication goes through one source, removing the chances of confusion. Everyone in the meeting will receive an email, provided the meeting link with their unique login to through the integrated voting management system. 

Platforms like Neo Meet will show you who is attending the meeting and who isn’t, along with an option of filling in a proxy form. Once the participants are in, they can review all the documentation for the event, ask questions before the meeting, and even assign a proxy. The purpose of using a singular platform is the perfect way to ensure complete meeting management and voting solutions are more efficient and increases voter engagement. 

What To Look For In A Third Party Online Voting Solution?

online voting tool for meetings - Neomeet

Neo Meet is an all-encompassing video conferencing solution that centers all your virtual meeting needs. However, if you are using online voting tools along with a video conferencing solution, here is what it should offer:

  • It should meet strict standards of meeting planning and management, nominations processing.
  • Suppose you need running-election and real-time voting solutions. In that case, it should meet requirements like managing attendance and proxy, vote setup including weighted and other specific voting rights, and auditing up to the delivery of final results.
  • There should be a dedicated returning officer and support team who will help you set up your online voting tool and integrate it into the video conferencing solution. 
  • It needs to have an online event setup, including assistance with setting up camera and mic and other conferencing requirements. Check if it has a ready-to-use webinar license.
  • The solution should offer you 24/7 support and assistance throughout the whole process. 

When you choose an online voting tool, it should be cutting-edge voting software and has years of expertise. The above criteria will help you meet all your needs, so make sure you follow them to the “tee.”

Best Virtual Meeting Solutions With Online Voting Tools

So there you go; this is how to use the voting tools in virtual meetings. Make sure you follow our tips and tricks here to find the best solution for your virtual meetings. However, we suggest you look into using an all-encompassing solution that meets your voting and annual meeting needs. That’s where Neo Meet can help you. Our solution is geared towards providing you with the best possible virtual meeting service out there. 
So if you are looking for an online voting tool and video conferencing solution, then feel free to contact us. If you have any other questions regarding our solutions or any further queries, you can drop them in the comments below or hit us up on our socials, and we will help you out. And with that being said, that’s about all we have for you today. We will come back with something new for you soon. Until then, see ya!

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