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How to set up your home office for video conferencing?

Having trouble setting up the best environment for video conferencing? Here are some guides to help you out.

How to set up your home office for video conferencing - Neomeet

Remote work was hardly a common phrase for us before. Today the world is fighting against the pandemic. In this situation, almost all the work has been shifted to a more flexible home environment. In this scenario, video conferences have become the ultimate medium for remote collaborations. To work effectively, it is necessary to set up your home office for videoconferencing.  

Do you have prior remote work experience as I do? Then you should be aware of the challenges in setting up an optimal work environment at home. Setting up a good environment requires careful planning and management. You will need hardware like furniture, video cameras, audio setup, and so on. But you will also need software, which is quite crucial. The best video conferencing platforms like Neomeet, Zoom can give you the edge. 

So, here are some cool tricks to help you set up the best work from home video conferencing

How to set up your home office for videoconferencing 

There are many ways you can end having the most effective home office setup. There are so many tools you can add to your arsenal to get the smoothest experience. But the pro tips include a few. Here are some useful home office ideas for video conferencing.

Video Conferencing Platform

The best video conferencing platform is the most crucial you will be needing. No matter which sets of hardware equipment you have, the experience can be frustrating without a smooth UI. The best platforms can ensure you get the most fantastic video conferencing experience.

To work over video conferences effectively, find out which platform to use. You can find plenty of options, some free and some with advanced paid features. Neomeet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams are some of the great platforms out there.

HD video and audio quality, screen sharing, file sharing are some standard features of these platforms. So, should you just pick one randomly and go for it? 

Plenty of things are there for you to judge when picking the best-suited platform for you. Among the options, Zoom is the most popular one for free-to-use features. But, essential features like unlimited meeting time will need payment.

Neomeet is a great option that comes with a ton of features at a considerable budget range. There are several price plans for you to choose from. You will also get attendee authentication, voting polls, and many fascinating features that other platforms lack. 

So, check the options out there before you pick and start with our video conferences from home.

Snappy Internet Connection

No matter which hardware you use, you cannot expect smooth communication if the medium is laggy. You will need a fast internet connection to get the best out of video conferencing platforms like Neomeet. 

Generally, a fast internet connection comes with a preference on download speed. This is great for media streaming, downloading. But to get a smooth video conferencing experience, you will need better upload speed as well.

Two ways you can improve your internet connection quality. You can get a better service provider and get yourself a router specially made for home office purposes. You can check out SOHO routers for the case.

These routers focus on Quality of Service(QoS), dual or tri-band support, enhanced security options, and so on. Here is a list of some popular SOHO routers that can help you pull the best out of Neomeet like great platforms.

  • Linksys AC5400
  • NETGEAR Nighthawk X8 AC5000
  • ASUS AC3200
  • TP-Link AC260o
  • Asus AC1900

Setting up a good wifi system will be very beneficial for an effective video conference. Before you start your meeting, remember to check the internet connection. Ensure smooth connection on your network for trouble-free communication.

External Camera for Clean Video

Top video conference platforms like Neomeet offer crystal clear video quality. This is a must for seamless video chats. But to ensure this feature is working correctly, you will need a good camera. Generally, your device should come with a built-in camera. But, having a device dedicated to the job will be very effective. 

Built-in cameras, most of the time, are not top-notch unless you go for a premium device. Having an external camera is always a plus as you can upgrade it if needed. Dedicated cameras also come with tons of features like auto-focusing, background blur, face tracking, and so on. You will find these features super handy if you integrate them with Neomeet like platforms.

You can find a lot of cameras to set up your home office for videoconferencing. You will find features that optimize lighting conditions,  cameras with a built-in mic, and so on. Like any other product, the price would vary depending on the features. 

When you select your camera, be sure to check on some specs. The recording quality, the field of view would impact significantly on your experience. Figure out what things you need and whatnot. You don’t want to invest in features you will not be needing.

Based on the popularity and most valuable sets of features, I have compiled a list for you. Here is a list of some of the popular cameras that people use for video conferences.

  • Logitech BRIO
  • Razer Kiyo Webcam
  • Logitech C930e
  • Meeting Owl Pro
  • Microsoft’s The LifeCam Studio

Do check out these cameras as you surf through to find the best one. Using these cameras with Neomeet like software, your video conferencing experience will reach a whole new level.

Best sound setup for video conference

Imagine you are on a video meeting, people are talking, and you can’t hear a thing properly. Or imagine people on the other side can only see your lips moving without understanding a word you are saying. Is there a point of communication in this way?

A proper sound setup is vital for appropriate communication. Another one of the essential Home office ideas for video conferencing is to place your work area in a sound-friendly zone at your house. This means a place with as low noise as possible. 

home office ideas for video conferencing - Neomeet

If the noise is a thing you need to consider at home like me, using one of those mics with a noise cancellation feature will be great. Also, having a good speaker or headphones will be great for listening to others. 

Sound setups are available in a variety of options. You can get an all-in-one setup or buy speakers and mics separately. Depending on the feature, they will cost you differently. Here are some options I found worthy of trying. I hope you will find the best one from these.

  • Logitech MeetUp HD Conferencing System
  • Jabra Speak 510 MS
  • liGo Best Buy Portable Conference Speaker
  • Elgato Wave:3
  • Blue Yeti USB microphone
  • Parlé TCM-X Ceiling 

The Environment for video meetings

Setting up the best work environment is necessary for your productivity. So, plan the way your workplace should go considering the options of your home. Find a noise-free place with enough space and ventilation. Make sure you get enough light.

Amazing video conferencing platforms like Neomeet will work great to maximize your productivity. The collaboration will be stupendous if you find the best place at your home to work.

To make the best work environment, you can try out ergonomic furniture. Extra lighting equipment can also help. There are so many ways you can experiment and come up with the best one for you. 

You can also attach soundproofing if you like to work in a separate room. You will be free from outside noise as you discuss your significance over Neomeet like fabulous platforms.


A home office can be troublesome if you cannot concentrate properly. Situations might occur that can remind you of the glorious days in your office. But if you know how to set up your home office for videoconferencing. With features of Neomeet like platforms, remote work is bound to become smooth as the previous days. 

There are uncountable ways of home office design for video conferencing. Software, electronics, furniture, and many more you can try out. Before you set up the workspace, look for the most feasible place in your home. Experiment and find your unique way to make the best setup for the home office for video conferencing.

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