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How to Set Up Law Firm Staff Meeting Agenda using Video Conferencing

While setting up a law firm staff meeting agenda, pick one of the most compelling videos conferencing platforms, Neomeet, for a better result.

How to Set Up Law Firm Staff Meeting Agenda using Video Conferencing - Neomeet

If you’re looking to set up a law firm staff meeting agenda, you’ll need to have a video conferencing plan and an effective platform like Neomeet in place. This will help make the meeting more efficient and provide all members of your team with the same conversation. 

Here we go again with another “what-to-do” list for law firms using video conferencing. According to industry experts, this technology has made it possible for staff meetings to be more online and communication-rich.

So here are some tips to help you set up your next staff meeting using video conferencing.

Get a video conferencing plan

The list of meeting set-up steps for law firms is similar to other industries but should include:

  • set up the video call plan
  • create the meeting introduction
  • set up the meeting start time
  • hold the meeting at a particular time
  • have all members of the team there
  • have an end time
  • make sure everyone is participating

It’s essential to ensure that your video call plan and meeting introduction are in place when you set up your staff meeting using video conferencing. 

Additionally, it’s essential that the meeting occurs at a specific time and place. These can be work or school days or a particular time on weekdays.

You also need to make sure that everyone is happy when the video call is taking place.

Create a work schedule for the meeting

The best way to set up your staff meeting using video conferencing is to create a work schedule for the meeting. This will help you ensure that all members of your team can attend the meeting.

For example, you can use video conferencing to ensure that communication occurs between every layer of your firm. This way, you, as the head of the law firm, know what has been going on with your team and how the meeting is performing.

Make sure the videoconference is rightly set up 

When we say rightly set up, it means all the technical issues. You need to ensure the device you are using has all the latest updates and has protection against viruses. Besides, having the right sound equipment is also crucial for an effective meeting.

It may sound odd, but natural light works as the best mood booster while having an online video conference. When you have Neomeet as your conferencing platform, all you need is a well-lit spot in your home or office to arrange engaging communication with your team.

Use talking time wisely to discuss law firm staff meeting agenda

Use talking time wisely to discuss law firm staff meeting agenda - law firm meeting agenda - Neomeet

When setting up your video conferencing plan, use talking time wisely. This means that you can use the time to discuss important things with all of you.

Of course, there will be some light talks to make the situation manageable, but the topics need to be within the range where everyone will be comfortable. Anything offensive can ruin the meeting and the productivity of the team.

Keep your voice low, so everyone hears you

Yes, you need a strong and loud voice in the courtroom but not inside your meeting room. When you have a fruitful conversion on a high-quality platform like Neomeet, you need a calm tone.

Sometimes the agenda can bring a bit of heated discussion. But it’s up to you to keep everyone calm and maintain professional ethics. A great video conferencing platform has noise filtering and amplification features. 

So, you don’t have to speak in a louder voice anymore. Simply follow these tips and enjoy a fruitful meeting.

  • Don’t use loud music or noise levels 
  • Use calm and compelling language
  • Allow at least 20 minutes for the meeting
  • Keep communication open until the last minute
  • Let everyone know what’s been accomplished
  • Enjoy!

Make sure your videoconference is WiFi-connected

First, make sure your video conference is Wifi- connected. This will make it easier for all members of your team to connect and stay connected. This will make the quality of the conversation better, but it will also help improve video conferencing’s overall quality.

Second, add all of your team members to your video conferencing account. It will give you a more complete and accurate picture of your team and make things easy to manage.

Lastly,  set up the time and place for the video conference way ahead of the meeting date. This will allow all members of your team to attend the meeting while still allowing everyone else to be available when they are not using video conferencing.

Use chat to keep the communication going

Chat is a great way to keep the communication going between staff members. By using chat, you can ask questions and hear feedback about how their meeting is going.

Moreover, you can use the chat option in the Neomeet to connect with other members while a member is presenting their ideas or simply discussing something.

Select Neomeet to Make a Successful Meeting

Next time you set up the law firm staff meeting agenda, pick Neomeet for the video conferencing and discuss the agenda. The technical and user experience will make you believe in the effectiveness of the platform.

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