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How To Host Engaging Virtual Events Webinars With Neomeet?

If you are looking for how to host engaging virtual events webinars, Neomeet can be the best solution. Let me explain why!

How To Host Engaging Virtual Events Webinars With Neomeet - Neomeet

Virtual events have grown in popularity and importance as a marketing tool for reaching and engaging a wider audience. By today’s standards, though, just broadcasting a panel discussion online or presenting a hastily put-together PowerPoint isn’t a “virtual event.”

Today’s virtual events must be as polished and professional as your traditional activities while still giving opportunities for meaningful participation. Neomeet simplifies the process of presenting high-quality, engaging virtual events and webinars, allowing you to focus on providing a value attendance experience.

Pick The Best Vidoe Conferencing Platform

The finest virtual event platforms provide engagement tools to keep your audience interested before, during, and after the event. Look for a video engagement platform that includes polling, Q&A, and breakout rooms to make your event more interactive.

Keep A Reminder System Handy

If your audience forgets about your event or can’t figure out how to participate, you’re sure to lose engagement.

Choose a video engagement platform, such as Neomeet, that can send email reminders for your virtual event ahead of time. Registrants will receive the necessary information in their inboxes, and you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

When the event begins, everyone will be exactly where they need to be in order to participate.

Keep The Energy HIgh

If you don’t start your virtual event with a bang, your participants will lose interest soon. Why not utilize that time to do some energetic guided exercise or an icebreaker activity if you’re waiting a few minutes before the start time to accommodate latecomers?

Your virtual events will get to a good start if you choose a browser-based platform like Neomeet. Because there are no downloads or accounts to create, your guests and speakers will be able to participate right away without any technological difficulties.

Messaging Is A Great Way to Engage

Encourage your virtual event attendees to use the chatbox function of your virtual event platform during the event. Messaging allows the audience to interact with one another and share knowledge without disrupting the event’s flow.

You may even assign moderators to help with messages and solicit input from the crowd. If anything isn’t working, you’ll be the first to know in the chat room!

Let The Speakers Introduce Themselves

This is a chance to put your speakers in context and develop a personal connection between them and the audience. Whether you have a single keynote speaker or a panel of speakers, fireside chats can help them warm up and may prompt some fascinating audience questions.

Icebreakers Are Essential

Icebreakers promote cooperation and peer support by allowing for engagement and the development of trust. They’re especially crucial for events with a networking component, such as a virtual recruitment event, because they assist individuals who don’t know one other make contacts.

Share a picture of a global map on a Neomeet whiteboard and encourage each audience member to pin their location. Encourage everyone to message someone from an area they’d like to visit so they may get some insider travel advice for their dream vacation spot.

Use Webinar Reaction For Better Engagement

Nothing beats being in a room with a receptive and attentive audience. A presenter’s energy is boosted by the audience’s laughter or applause, which allows them to feel involved in the event.

Gone are the days of giving a virtual presentation and worrying if your webinar participants are paying attention. With tools like chat, Q&A, and polls, you can already keep the conversation going. Attendees may now reply to a Neomeet webinar with an emoji in real-time using webinar responses.

Yes, Include Live Q&A

Yes, Include Live Q&A - opposite of virtual meeting - Neomeet

Audience members can interact with the speaker and delve further into the themes that interest them during a Q&A period. Answering questions from your audience will add value to your event and leave participants happy.

Audience members can submit questions and upvote other questions at any time during a virtual Q&A. This makes the event more participatory for them, and it makes it simpler for you to choose which questions to respond.

Get Opinion Through Live Polling

People enjoy being polled on their opinions. A live poll will increase the engagement of your event by making your audience feel as though their opinions count and prompting them to ponder on the issue.

This allows you to assess the audience’s comprehension and gather the information that might be used to improve future events, services, or goods. When creating a poll, consider what you want it to do and place it at an appropriate moment in your presentation.

Share The Webinar Recording At The End

“Will you distribute that slide deck to everyone at the end?” is one of the most often requested inquiries following a virtual event presentation. Nobody wants to miss out on any critical information from their event; therefore, conserving resources is essential.

Set your virtual event software to automatically record the presentation so it may be viewed later on-demand. Depending on the nature of the event, you may utilize the recording to garner subscribers or charge a pay-as-you-feel fee. As a result, you may be able to reach new audiences and persuade them to attend a live event in the future.


You’ve got everything you need to keep your audience engaged before, during, and after your virtual event. But how do you fit everything together?

The first step in holding an interactive event is to make sure you know who you’re talking to and have the proper tools to get started. Now is the time to do market research through your networks and get a free sample of your favorite virtual event software.

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