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How to Choose the Best Video Conferencing Hardware?

Are you confused about how to increase the effectiveness of your video conferences? Here is how adding the perfect hardware lineup can help you attain just that.

How to Choose the Best Video Conferencing Hardware - Neomeet

Video Conferencing, a ubiquitous word at present. The technology is not that new. Instead, the technology dates way back to 1927 with a one-way video connection. Back then, things were not so feasible due to old spec video conferencing hardware. But with the aging of the era, video conferencing has grown hugely high tech and convenient.

Video meetings or conferences weren’t that popular. They were only thought to be used by large-scale companies. But during the pandemic, the popularity of this technology has grown dramatically. With the integration of modern hardware and smart software, never before having video conferencing was this easy. 

Platforms like Neomeet, Zoom offer great possibilities to work with straightforward and practical video meetings. But besides the magic of the software, you will also need a proper set of hardware. So, If you want to have the best setup for a premium video conference, stick along as I show you some excellent hardware you should give a try.

Video Conference?!

Video Conferencing is a technology that enables people from different places to communicate via video call. It diminishes the expenses and the hassle of moving to a place to have a physical meeting. With a proper video conferencing setup, communications can be highly effective to enhance productivity and collaboration.

You can use video conferences for a variety of purposes. Business meetings, web-based seminars or webinars, training, and even interviews for new recruitment can be held using video conferences. As work has gotten remote nowadays, and with lockdowns, this technology has grown its branches in almost every sphere around us.

Choosing the best video conferencing hardware

Let’s look at some hardware that will make video conferencing effectively to communicate with your team.

Computer Devices

In the golden days, people used bulky desktop computers to run high-quality meetings on videos. As most of the work now has moved on to a more flexible and remote stage, laptops, smartphones have become highly convenient for the job. 

Business quality laptops feature fascinating hardware to give you premium quality video conferences. Laptops with HD cameras and audio systems are super flexible. You can select any position comfortably and dive right into collaborations.

Laptops also come in a single set of premium hardware features. So, setting up a video conference also becomes easy to set up. If you are becoming confused about setting up video conferencing equipment, the laptop will be convenient for you. Apple MacBook Pro, Microsoft Surface 3, and Lenovo Flex 5 are the most premium relevant laptops.

Besides laptops, if you want even more portability, you can always use your smartphones or tablets to attend video conferences. However, their tiny screen might not be convenient if you are conferencing with more people. 

If you are not satisfied with the built-in gimmicks in your video conferencing devices, you can attach additional hardware. External cameras, speakers, and so on you can find as addons to your device. So if you want the best video conferencing experience, you can start by choosing the best device first.


Some of the most obnoxious issues of video conferencing are the lags and jitters. Things can be very troublesome if you are facing quality issues amid an important meeting. Network troubles mainly cause lags and jitters. To get a stable network, you are going to need the best routers. 

Finding the perfect router can be complicated if you don’t know what to look for. So you must know some basic features for that. Quality of Service (QoS), dual or tri-band support, range, and security are some of the things you need to look for. 

Router - video conferencing devices - Neomeet

If you want to find the best router for your home office, small office/small home (SOHO) routers will be convenient for you. With QoS, SOHO routers come in handy in reducing those pesky jitters and lags. 

Here are some of the best routers you might want to check out. They come with all the features needed to give your extraordinary video conference experiences.

  • ASUS AC3200
  • Linksys AC5400
  • NETGEAR Nighthawk X10
  • TP-Link AC260o
  • TRENDnet AC3000


A camera is one crucial video conferencing hardware you will be needing. Without this widget, your conference will hardly be a video conference! Softwares like Neomeet are ready to give you the most fantastic video quality for your meeting.

But if your camera is not up to the mark, you don’t have the right to blame the software for the video quality. It’s your camera that is the culprit. To make your videos super savvy while you attend your video meetings, be sure to use a high-quality camera.

Though modern laptops, tablets, and desktop PC’s come with a built-in camera, a dedicated camera can be very beneficial. These external webcams can offer you a ton of features and higher resolutions.

Even if you cannot change the device and you are unhappy with the camera, a dedicated webcam can be helpful. Whether you want to set up a home office or do informal video conferences with your friends and family, an external webcam can be excellent to present them with your charming and cheerful face.

Before you select the perfect webcam for you, you need to determine what type of camera you need, and yes, there are types. Cameras can depend on the very room in which you will be working. It can also depend on the number of people who will be using it simultaneously. There are cameras for small spaces and even for large halls. 

Cameras also come with some exciting features such as Face tracking and different levels of field of view (FoV). Some also come with built-in high-quality microphones and even lights to help you in dark situations. The price of the cameras will vary depending on the features, So make sure to know what you need before you choose.

To help you look for the best webcam for you, here are some excellent cameras supporting a wide range of qualities.

  • Logitech ConferenceCam Connect
  • Logitech Rally Camera
  • AVer VC520
  • Logitech C920
  • Elgato Facecam
  • Razer Kiyo Pro
  • Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000

Audio tools

If you have recently moved into the home office, you might have discovered the difficulty of noises at your home. Things can get bad if you cannot express your thoughts clearly or listen to others in a noisy environment. So, proper sound equipment is a must for a practical video conference. Generally, devices these days have built-in microphones and speakers which are high quality. But additional audio gears can help you reach even better quality.

Before you move on to get the best audio equipment, first, let’s sort out which type you will be needing. Your requirement will depend on the environment of your work. Do you want an audio setup for personal use? Or, you need something to cover for a whole group? Do you need to prevent noise distractions? Solving these matters can lead you to the perfect audio setup for you. 

If you are facing noise issues, you better get yourself one of those noise cancellation headphones. Otherwise, you can use separate speakers and mics. Here are some suggestions you can try out


  • Bose 700
  • Logitech H650e
  • Jabra Evolve2 30
  • Plantronics Voyager 5200
  • Beats Powerbeats 4
  • BlueParrott B550-XT

Speaker Combos

  • eMeet Luna
  • Sennheiser SP 20
  • Anker PowerConf
  • Jabra Speak 510 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


  • Blue Yeti USB Mic
  • Shure MV5 Digital Condenser Microphone
  • JOUNIVO USB Microphone


Besides these electronic devices, you can also use other accessories to make your meetings even more convenient. You can add extra lights for explicit videos, tripods, and stands to position your cameras and peripherals in more great manners. 


Video conferences have become quite inevitable for work these days. The way the popularity of the technology is growing can easily infer that we will be using this technology for a long time. So, it is vital to make sure the conferences we attend can be made most feasibly, maintaining quality. 

Video conferencing platforms such as Neomeet can already give you the best video conferencing experience. But, without the proper hardware to begin with, you won’t be able to bring the best out of the platform you use. So, Investing in video conferencing hardware will not go unfruitful in the long run. 

With all the tons of equipment to choose from, things can get complicated to figure out the best set of hardware. The article should help you with that clumsy situation. So figure out what you need and nail those video conferences. Good Luck!

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