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How Neomeet Keeps You Away From Virtual Meeting Fatigue?

Tired of attending those video conferences at a stretch? Then here are some ways how Neomeet can help you relax and fight this virtual meeting fatigue.

How Neomeet Keeps You Away From Virtual Meeting Fatigue - Neomeet

Having meetings continuously can be tiresome, can’t it?  Does the same happen in online meetings? Well, it sure does. After the beginning of the home office era, video conferencing platforms like Zoom have taken over our work lives. Virtual meeting fatigue can pull you back from giving your best for the day. But you will hardly feel the same with fabulous platforms like Neomeet.

Recently with the outbreak of the pandemic, another word has grown popular; “Zooming.” Alongside other platforms like Neomeet, this one has gotten quite popular. But, another term has been introduced. “Zoom Fatigue” is the exhaustion that you feel after long hours of virtual meetings.

You can overcome this type of virtual exhaustion if the platform does some countermeasures. Some tactical measures can help to prevent zoom fatigue. Neomeet, with its fascinating feature, is a great opponent to this virtual fatigue. Wanna know how? Stick along. 

Do you have Virtual Meeting Fatigue?

Overworking can cause you quite a bit of fatigue generally. But if you are a service-based team member, things can go very upstream from time to time. Stress and tiredness can overwhelm you from giving your best. Work burnout is what is referred to when you are facing similar conditions. Some other symptoms are

  • Absentmindedness
  • Difficulty to concentrate
  • Irritation on simplest things
  • Physical fatigue 
  • Eye irritations

Psychological and physical symptoms of zoom fatigue are much the same symptoms. Overdoing video conferences can make you feel so irritated that you start to avoid meetings, even the important ones. 

After a meeting, sometimes you start to feel extremely tired. You feel like something has drained all your energy, even though you were just sitting in front of your camera. You might also face complexities handling responsibilities and tasks you used to handle so smoothly. One time it made me turn off my work as I was feeling so stressed out. Are you starting to feel the same? If you do, welcome to the hideous world of “Zoom Fatigue.”

Why are video calls so exhausting?

Video conferences are great for team collaborations. We all agree to it. But does that mean you should stick to it all day long? Zooming for too long can make you feel like work no more. Doing the same type of video conferencing over and over again can make your work colorless. It can also make you fall into fatigue. Here are some reasons for which too much zooming can pull you back from your productivity.

Too much eye contact

It was pretty fun to look at others as they talk and listen during a physical meeting, wasn’t it? You can do the same during an online meeting, but have you felt the same online? Well, I sure haven’t. Things get so much different when you are doing a meeting online. 

We look at others’ faces, gestures, and expressions in a physical meeting to understand their thoughts. In the video, you can do the same, but the brain has to work a lot harder to understand all the information from the video. You might not understand the effort your brain is making, but it is a reason that makes you feel tired after a video meeting. 

In addition, video conferences can be laggy sometimes. When it does, our brain works extra to sync the information from the video, and the audio received. This causes quite a bit of strain to your brain, even if you do not notice it.

Lack of physical privacy

Having a video meeting from home without a proper work zone can be frustrating and embarrassing sometimes. I remember, once while having a meeting, a family member got into the frame unwillingly. If you have faced the same at least once, you should know how that can feel amid an important video meeting.

Due to the pandemic, most of the workplaces have moved on a remote system pretty much overnight. It is not always possible for many people to get an entirely separate work zone at home. Especially if you live with a big family, facing such interference is not abnormal at all. 

From time to time, such happenings might leave us in a place of embarrassment. This can also result in frustration over a video conference and, eventually, virtual conference fatigue.

Minimum mobility

Sitting around and doing a thing for long hours continuously can feel irritating on a busy day. Taking continuous calls after another can stress you out very quickly. In previous days, we used to attend meetings more flexibly. Walking, moving, talking were refreshing. 

Minimum mobility - virtual meeting fatigue - Neomeet

As most of our work requires collaboration over video chats, endless meetings are things we deal with very often. Now due to the stationary system of video calls, we sit in a place like a stone. Then we video conferences one after another and burn ourselves out. 

Can Neomeet Combat Zoom Fatigue?

Overdoing anything can completely drain your battery, no matter how good you are at it. Overworking similarly can make you feel exhausted and reduce your productivity at the same time.  Attending meetings continuously can also be the same. You get yourself introduced to the term Zoom Fatigue.

But Neomeet has got things to offer that can help you combat this virtual yet irritating fatigue. Let’s find out then.


Without a proper guideline, in the beginning, nothing can go organized. An unorganized approach to anything can be frustrating. The same happens to incase of video conferences. Making an agenda in the agenda can optimize your video conference duration and make the meeting effective. It can also help you to make the meeting more engaging. 

Neomeet has a great option to maintain agendas of meetings. It has dedicated features for you to create agendas and take meeting minutes. If you can make all the attendees feel engaged during a virtual meeting, the meeting will become anything but tiresome.

Voting Polls

Unlike traditional video conferencing platforms that offer standard video conferencing options., Neomeet offers something extra to catch on to. With its built-in voting system, you can make the meeting more interactive and effective. 

Discussion over a topic and coming out with a decision might be tiresome if you are doing video meetings on and on. Why not use the voting polls instead. All of you can share your thoughts and get an instant result. This can help you make effective decisions and prevent you from turning a meeting into an everlasting one.

Fun Activities

On Neomeet, you can do more than just conventional video meetings. When you get bored with all your work over the platform, you can also try out some cool stuff.  There are tons of ideas to have some fun there. When you get bored over a meeting, you can try out and play trivia with your teammates. Collect trivia questions and try answering them individually or by small teams. 

You can also play virtual tic tac toe if you want. You can set a count of three and select one from rock, paper, or scissors. You can do this by sharing your video feed or by using chat emojis. Another standard game you can try out is “guess the movie.” In this activity, you will select a movie and throw hints on it for others to guess. The first teammate to guess it right wins.

These are just some of the examples. You can try out your unique games or activities to make things interesting. 

Final Thoughts

Video conferences are the new “normals” of our day-to-day life. As the system is unique, we will need time to get used to it. Due to its super flexibility and effectiveness, video conferencing software like Neomeet grows popular with every minute. But, overusing anything can cause you exhaustion, and the same happens for video conferences. Virtual meeting fatigue is a term most of the employees are facing these days. 

There are many physical reasons behind this obnoxious situation. A proper work environment, avoiding continuous work, and multitasking are required to prevent the problem. But, sometimes you just have to do all those meetings on the platforms. 

Neomeet like software in such cases provides some cool quirks to keep you engaged and combat the fatigue you might get. Using these features, you and your teammate can hardly feel burned out. The collaboration will become fun and creative, just as in the old days. So, why think any longer? Fight the fatigue!

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