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How Can Neomeet Help You On Effective Video Interview?

A few crucial video conference interview tips can make a big difference while getting ready for the following interview. Let Neomeet help you with it.

How Can Neomeet Help You On Effective Video Interview - Neomeet

Videoconference interviews are becoming increasingly popular for hiring managers, especially in fields that require frequent travel. This type of interview offers the convenience of communicating with candidates without having to worry about their safety or comfort on a long trip.

For video conference interviews, some specific tips and tricks will help you get through them successfully.

Video conference interview tips

Let’s look at some of the essential video interview tips before you sit for your following interview. Whether you are the candidate or the interviewer, these factors will be vital to make video conferencing most effective.

Be Prepared  Beforehand

Videoconference interviews require even more preparation than traditional ones because you must think about issues like video quality and common internet problems that could lead to technical difficulties during the interview.

You should check video recording software, lighting, camera angles, microphone volume, how your video is displayed online, background noise levels in the area where you’re conducting the video chat, and anything else that you think could affect the video call.

Find a Suitable Location

You should find a private space with minimal distractions in case there are any technical difficulties. You should also use an internet connection that lets you video chat without interruption.

Otherwise, your video conference interview will be futile. It’s best to choose locations free of background noise for this type of interview because you’ll need to focus on speaking clearly so candidates can understand you.

However, with Neomeet, background noises cannot interfere that much while you are live on the interview.

Have Your Materials Ready

If your video conference uses video technology like Skype, Neomeet, Facetime, or Google Hangouts, both parties will have access to their cameras throughout the entire interview. This means that it’s essential for both hiring managers and candidates to look up frequently during the video conference.

You should review the candidate’s resume and portfolio ahead of time to make sure you can reference it during your video call to help strengthen your candidacy.

However, be careful not to become distracted by this material and not stay engaged with the candidate if they look down at their materials instead of looking into the video chat screen for an extended period.

If you are a job seeker, this is the most vital among the video conference interview tips.

Dress Appropriately

You or the candidate may forget these guidelines and end up dressing inappropriately for a video conference interview (perhaps forgetting that exposure is an issue).

For example, if the skin is visible between open buttons on a shirt, this could be unprofessional in video format. Women concerned about cleavage exposure should choose a video conference interview outfit that offers a high neckline.

Also, the candidate should be well-groomed and consider wearing makeup if they know video technology will emphasize their flaws or blemishes.

Use Technology to Your Advantage

One of the most crucial video conference interview tips will be to use the technology in your favor.

Once you’ve put together a compelling video conference interview plan, such as choosing video chat software like Neomeet that offers split video screen options so hiring managers can simultaneously view both parties throughout the call, then you’re ready to begin your video conference interview.

When performing this type of interview, it’s essential for hiring managers to keep in mind that video allows people who aren’t physically present to form an opinion about you based on your appearance and personality. Thus you need to speak articulately and smile frequently.

Be Flexible

The video conference interview process might require you to be more flexible than other interviewing options because video chat software can malfunction or drop due to internet connection problems.

Don’t pressure the candidate; instead, politely ask them to call again later if this issue arises during your video conference. It’s also essential for hiring managers to remember that video conferencing is not like speaking face-to-face; thus, you should allow for some silences.

If candidates are hesitant about answering questions over video chat, don’t press them; encourage them by telling them it’s okay if they need time to formulate their thoughts before responding. Your video conference interview will likely go much more smoothly if you just give candidates some time to think.

Follow Up

After video conferencing is complete, be sure that you contact the candidate immediately with a follow-up email summarizing the video chat and reaffirming your interest in their candidacy.

In video conference interviews, it’s essential for hiring managers to make a good impression on candidates immediately because there’s no opportunity for a more personal interaction unless they decide to travel to your location.

Video conference interview etiquette

You’ve been in a video conference interview for a company, and you’re sure you did everything they asked.

But what about video conference video interview etiquette? Not all video conference interviews are created equal, so along with the best video conference interview tips, you need to follow some etiquettes too.

For many companies, video conferencing is the only way to make it in-house when their physical campuses are located far away from one another. In this situation, all applicants need to be prepared for a video interview just as much as an in-person video conference!

Video conference interview etiquette - Neomeet

Even with face-to-face video conferencing, there may be a lot of back and forth before an offer is made. During that time, it’s essential to stay on good terms with your interviewer(s).

Video conference job interviews can have different goals than an in-person video conference. You may not be able to tell what your interviewer is thinking, so it’s essential to keep your video interview professional and polite at all times.

Here are some video conference job interview tips for ensuring you’re putting your best foot forward:

Display Proper Etiquette From The Start

Good video conference etiquette should start before the video call even begins! You can do a few things to ensure that there won’t be any issues during the video call itself. For one thing, make sure that all of the equipment you need will work before the video interview starts.

Test out any microphones or cameras beforehand, and ensure everything is in good working order before launch day. Try placing video conference equipment away from other electronics that might lead to interference, too.

Another thing you can do is make sure that where you are is appropriate for video conferencing. It may seem obvious, but video conference interviews are generally best done in quiet, private rooms.

Make sure you’re not at a coffee shop surrounded by people! There’s nothing wrong with enjoying some caffeine before the video conference–most of us are probably used to it by now!-

But don’t forget to use headphones or turn down conversation around you so your interviewer can focus on what you have to say instead of all the noise.

Negotiate Your Video Conference Location

Video interview location isn’t just about privacy and technology; it can also affect video quality! Studies show that video conferencing can be up to 36% lower quality than video calling over mobile networks.

This is because video conferencing uses high-definition video settings instead of mobile video, but it’s still reliant on wireless internet connection speeds. Make sure you’re in an area with good WiFi before sending out your video conference interview invite.

If you happen to notice low call volume during your video job interview–or even no volume at all!–it might help to try moving locations. You can see if another location gets better reception or volume by trying video calls in different places around the office, too.

Keep Your Desk Clean

A clean workspace will give you a fresh, professional look at video conference interview videos. If you’re in a cluttered or messy office before the video call starts, make sure your video conference equipment is set up somewhere else instead.

Something as simple as filing papers away for an hour could make all the difference in how your interviewer perceives you! Neomeet always promotes a clutter-free desk as one of the most important video conference interview tips for a successful interview.

Help Out Your Interviewer

If there are multiple people on the video conference call with you, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone to help them out! If someone is having trouble connecting with the video conferencing platform they’re using, ask if they’d like you to schedule another video conference for them instead.

You can also let everyone know when you’re switching locations of the video interview, and that way, they’ll learn to follow you.

Put Your Phone On Silent

If video conference interviewers can’t get a hold of you, they may start wondering what’s going on! Make sure your phone is on silent during the video conference job interview.

That way, if anyone tries reaching out to see where you are or having trouble with video quality or connection, they won’t be disturbed by loud notifications.

Don’t forget that video conferencing interviews aren’t the same as video calls through other apps like WhatsApp and Skype; those applications have features built-in that help video conferences run faster and smoother than regular video calling platforms.

Make sure that if your interviewer suggests switching to another video conferencing platform like Neomeet for an easier video conference interview, you’re okay with that before switching video platforms.

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