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7 Great Games To Play During A Virtual Meeting

Neomeet is just for official meetings, right? Wrong! There are so many ways you can have fun during a virtual meeting. Here are 7 awesome games to prove it.

7 Great Games To Play During A Virtual Meeting

Why use Neomeet boring, official meetings only? Do you know you can use Neomeet for fun activities for virtual meetings? What to do when the team members wait in the room for the meeting to start, but the boss is absent? Play games! It’s not wrong to pass the time when waiting for your boss/colleague to join, right? You can even play productive games so that you don’t sit there idly.

There are so many games to play, for example, Conference Call Bingo, Virtual team icebreakers, truth or dare, etc. Today, we will be naming some of the popular virtual team games that will make your virtual calls more interesting – trust us. Let’s have fun the Neomeet way!

1. Critical Thinking Virtual Icebreaker

Start the online meeting by posing a question that’s compelling enough to get your thinking caps on. For example:

  • There are ten birds perched on a fence. A farmer aims his rifle and shoots one. How many birds are left?
  • What weighs more – 100 pounds of feathers or 100 pounds of quarters?

You can find questions like these on Udemy. So, take one and ask your mates. After the question is asked, give everyone 30 seconds to choose an answer. After they have shared their replies, ask them why they chose that answer. Give them a minute to write down their response, and then after a minute, have them reveal the answer one by one. You will be surprised hearing all the answers, moreover, reading the real answer. 

2. Virtual Trivia

Trivias are always fun to play, especially when you are playing as a team. To play this game, jot down random trivia questions and answers. Next, split into teams – you can choose how many teams you’re going to make. After you have finished creating teams, assign a breakout room to each one. This will be the game settlement. Whichever team returns with the correct answer wins a point. Enlist as many questions as you like, and every time you ask, assign the groups to their respective room to answer. Make it more interesting by offering a prize for the winning team!

3. Lightning Scavenger Hunt

Another fun game is the lightning scavenger hunt. In this game, you need to make a list of items or characteristics. For example:

  • Most recent book you have read
  • Pink ball 
  • Something warm
  • A blue fabric
  • A picture of your loved one
  • Old clothes

Then on a video call, challenge your team to gather the items and show them on-screen to earn points. The winner will be chosen based on the things they have. There’s no limit to how the questions will be, so be as creative as you want to. To make it challenging, list the most absurd items that will make your team challenging to find. 

4. Blackout Truth or Dare

Blackout Truth or Dare - virtual group games - Neomeet

It’s the virtual version of the cult-classic truth or dare game. But instead of spinning the bottle, one player is chosen as the dare-master. They will call out truths or dares. If you don’t wish to share, you must stop your webcam feeds. The dare-master then will call on one player who will respond to what they ask. This is a fun game to play but take care not to ask too personal questions that may make players uncomfortable. 

5. Guess The Movie

Another great virtual group game to play with your coworkers and team is “guess the movie.” The great thing about this game is everyone will enjoy playing this and won’t get bored because who doesn’t watch movies? Create a youtube playlist with movie scenes (each from different movies). Then start the Neomeet call and mute all participants. Now, play the movie scene without revealing any kind of information regarding the movie. Then ask players to type the name of the film in the chat box. The first one to send the correct answer will win the game. Make the movies as diverse and random as possible so that there’s one from each genre, something for everyone. 

6. Virtual Rock, Paper, Scissors

Another classic game we play all the time, except this time it’s virtual! Turn on the cam and say aloud, “rock, paper, scissors?”. Then respond after a second; the hand signs will let you know the winner! 

Another way of updating this game is to follow your answers with emojis in the chat box. For example, For rock, type (👊); for paper, type (✋) and scissors, type (✌). Your teammates will have 3 seconds to answer. When everyone’s finished answering, count up the emojis. The winner will be the emoji that the majority typed.

7. Codenames

Codenames is an in-person card game, but you can play it virtually. Here’s how – When playing Codenames on Neomeet, have one player from the team who isn’t a spymaster share their screen. Then, split participants into two teams: red and blue. Choose one member from each team and make them spymasters as players attempt to guess which cards their spymaster hints at, sending teams off into the breakout room for strategy discussion. The team that successfully guesses all cards with their color first and avoids the forbidden card wins the game!

Final Thoughts

Great games to play, right? Now, you know how to have fun with online games for employee engagement and prevent boredom. Have you played these games with your teammates yet? Tell us which one do you like the most and which ones are you going to try next? Have fun!

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