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Do These To Share Data Safely On A Video Conferencing Platform!

Today’s topic discusses how to share data safely on a video conferencing platform to prevent security breach and other criminal practices.

Do These To Share Data Safely On A Video Conferencing Platform - Neomeet

The pandemic has got us trapped in our homes. That doesn’t mean we have stopped living; we eat, sleep, and entertain ourselves even though we stay at home. The post-pandemic lifestyle includes staying in as much as possible and therefore minimizing social gatherings altogether. But work is work, and meetings are vital in any sector. Therefore, video conferences are the only viable solution to this problem. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people are switching to remote meetings via conferencing platforms and ditching the in-person meetings as much as possible.

Thanks to these platforms, meetings, and events are being held with greater efficiency. However, if we say all’s well, we would be lying in your face. The more businesses operate online, the greater the chance of criminals extracting crucial information from the online platforms. We don’t mean to scare you, but this is happening for real, and ignoring this issue won’t make it disappear. Proper solutions are needed to budge this issue! Data breaches, hacking, and other remote meeting security issues have risen to a greater extent since 2020. You may have already heard about Zoom users facing complications where external parties could join meetings and potentially hear sensitive information.

Is there any way to lessen this phenomenon? There is! You need to reconsider the strategy of information sharing during video conferencing. Here are some safety tips for video conferencing to help you secure your online meetings and prevent information from getting leaked or breached.

Choose The Right Video Conferencing Tool

This seems basic, but choosing the right kind of video conferencing solution will make all the difference in the world. It’s been established that virtual meetings are here to stay for longer, so investing in the best virtual meeting solution is the key to ensure your data is safe all along. Take your time to determine which platform is suitable for your business. Read testimonials of the platforms, compare the subscription price, read about the features and specifications. Check if the platform includes services like SSL connection and data encryption. 

Neomeet is, therefore, the best platform to use. Why, you ask? Because the platform is best at keeping your information private and encrypted. It also uses various levels of user authentication for the sake of data-safety.

Take Control of The Functions

Take Control of The Functions - safety tips for video conferencing - Neomeet

Cloud storage access is the first step of securing your meeting. All your meeting proceedings will be recorded and stored in the cloud with absolute security if you need them later. Therefore insist on using platforms that allow cloud access. You also need to ensure that you have control over what functions your employees and guests can perform in a meeting. This means that you should be able to set passwords, enable/disable access to calls and conferences whenever you need to. It’s wise to look for conferencing tools that have a waiting room for the guests so that you can ensure all your staff members are there before you tend to the guests. This will prevent suspicious guests from accessing the private calls or meetings. 

Educate Your Employees About Data Safety

Improving employee awareness is integral. No matter how cautioned you are during the meeting, it won’t work if your employees aren’t aware of video conferencing data safety strategies. Sometimes your staff will be too naive to click any wrong link or operate under an unsecured network, etc., unintentionally giving indirect access to cybercriminals. They may not even take the security measures too seriously and will end up forgetting to take necessary measures. In this case, it’s always important to educate your staff on the importance of data safety and use the strategies made for that. Provide your team a clear policy on what to do and how to use the meeting tools without compromising security. Encourage them to use good antivirus, data software, browsers, and VPNs to keep their device secured.

Enable Backup System

First things first, make sure your conferencing tool offers end-to-end encryption. End-to-end encryption means texts, calls, and videos during a conference in the platforms stay within you, and your staff member and no external party will be able to retrieve them. This is really important if you want nobody else to access sensitive information. Not only that, keep a backup of all the conference utilities. Look for tools that can automate backups daily so that even if you or your staff forgets to back up the media and files, the platform itself does that and keeps everything up to date. Having everything backed up helps keep the information safe from criminals when your system gets breached. 

Final Thoughts

These are some of the best video conferencing security best practices that you can use immediately to make a difference in your data safety. Always keep your conversations secure and update security strategy. One simplest thing that people forget is to put a strong password and to change it frequently. The more you change your password, the more complication you create for the hackers to hack into your systems. Lastly, look for a perfect video conferencing platform based on what we have suggested. Neomeet, in that case, follows everything we have described and is a very good conferencing platform with a suitable and flexible subscription plan. We will be back with a new article very soon. Till then, stay safe and keep your data secured!

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