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Answering Some Important Video Conferencing FAQs!

Looking for the best web conferencing software? Here are some answers to important video conferencing FAQs that will make the search easier!

Answering Some Important Video Conferencing FAQs - Neomeet

Video conferencing and virtual meetings are the norms now, and it has become a vital part of the global economy primarily out of necessity. From managing remote teams to closing business deals overseas, several reasons are critical for success. It fits businesses of all sizes and functions, and it ensures optimum efficiency of operation. Firms and agencies worldwide need high-quality video conferencing apps and solutions for their employees and clients to ensure efficiency in remote work and communications. 

The best web conferencing software out there provides that you no longer subject your clients and employees to subpar interactions. With HD video streaming and clear, noise-reducing audio, the best video conferencing apps transform your business and bring the in-person experience to your virtual meetings. 

At Neo Meet, that’s what we strive for. Our goal is to ensure businesses can operate and collaborate with employees and clients from all over the world. Because of our specialty, we know all there is to know about video conferencing and the best web conferencing software, and we thought we should answer some frequently asked questions to help you choose the right one. So without further delay, let’s begin!

What Is Video Conferencing?

Video conferencing is a meeting where more than one individual participates from different locations and uses a computer connection, audio, and video to connect to the meeting. There is a wide range of uses for it, including team meetings, webinars, product demos, job interviews, and many others. Its purpose is to ensure people get to connect regardless of where they are. Now, for a video conference to take place, you will need a few pieces of equipment. So let’s check them out.

What Do You Need For Video Conferencing?

While there can be a few different types of equipment for video conferencing, you will find that they are usually always available at home. So here is a list of things you will need for video conferencing tools you need:

  • You will need a display. It can be either a laptop, desktop monitor, or TV screen. The built-in ones will d for microphones and cameras, but if there aren’t any built-in microphones and cameras, you can use USB ones.
  • You will also need speakers, and for those built-in computer speakers, external speakers, or VoIP (voice over IP), conferencing phones will do the work.
  • Internet connection is obviously needed, and it works over WiFi or ethernet.
  • The final thing you will need is to find the best web conferencing software that fits your business. 

What Are The Types Of Video Conferencing Software?

There is a video and web conferencing system in the market for everyone. It all depends on your needs and what features you want to see from your web-conferencing tool. Here is a list of video conferencing solutions you can look at:

  • The first system is the Telepresence Video Conferencing System. It has multiple screens or monitors that are arranged in a way to ensure everyone feels like they’re joining the meeting in person.
  • Desktop Video Conferencing System is the second type you should know about. In this system, all the hardware and software are built within the desktop or laptop.
  • Room-Based Video Conferencing is the last system you need to know about. For this system, the video conferencing technology is built-in to the room.

So those are the types of video conferencing software you needed to know about. Regardless of whatever system you end up using, numerous examples of this technology change the corporate decision-making process. It’s the perfect tool to connect with colleagues, clients, and prospective employees. Now that you know what the systems are let’s check out the uses for video conferencing systems.

What Are The Top Uses For Video Conferencing Technology?

Video conferencing technology is driving the change in how businesses operate, and it has a wide range of functions and ensures efficiency. Here are some of the top uses for web conferencing software. So let’s check them out!

Team Meetings

Team meetings can be hectic. Before during virtual meetings, you can feel left out, talked over, or misheard. Your regular video conferencing software isn’t good enough for a productive business meeting environment. One camera system of yester-year where you fit everyone in isn’t the best way to conduct a meeting, and the single microphone won’t be enough to make the meeting a success. 

That’s why having 360-degree web conferencing software along with high-resolution cameras and high-quality audio recording equipment is of the utmost importance if you want to get the most out of your meetings.


Every webinar requires high-quality visual and audio input because viewers are looking for information from webinars, and low-quality visual and audio will hamper the process. In addition, you will lose users if your video and audio quality aren’t up to par. To ensure the best AV experience, you need to make sure you have the right equipment along with the best web conferencing software. Otherwise, you risk missing out on potential leads and current clients. 

Product Demo

Creating a product is hard work. Companies put in countless brainstorming sessions, design work, and manufacturing hours to develop a product, but having it flop during a demo is unacceptable. All that hard work would be for naught just because you failed to demonstrate the fruit of your labor. That’s why businesses are using web conferencing software and equipment as a scalable solution for product demos.

One-on-One Training and Support

One-on-One Training and Support - video conferencing faq - Neomeet

From training employees to provide customers with additional support to your customers, every digital interaction counts for a company. Having choppy and unproductive sessions will hamper your productivity and can even hurt your bottom line. As a company, you need to ensure training and support are seamless and efficient as an in-person meeting, and that’s what the best web conferencing software can help you with.


One of the most crucial aspects of running a business is the hiring process. However, it can be a laborious process. It takes up valuable time that could be utilized elsewhere. High-quality, instant communication solutions, like video conferencing tools and tech, can make the hiring process much more efficient by being innovative in job interviews. 

The technology ensures interviewers quickly conduct an efficient yet substantial interview. It facilitates companies with remote capabilities to hire new talent 33% faster than companies that don’t offer remote flexibility. Along with being convenient, the best web conferencing software and tech ensures you pick up visual cues from the interview that provide the same insights as an in-person interview. 

Find The Best Web Conferencing Software For You

So there you go. Those are the answers to some of the introductory video conferencing FAQs we’ve come across. As you can see, it’s a highly versatile tool that helps businesses modernize and ensures efficiency. So make sure you find the best web conferencing software for your company. 
If you are not sure about the type of video conferencing tools you need, then Neo Meet can help you. You can send in your questions and worries to us on social media or drop them in the comments below. So contact us if you have any questions or problems and we will take care of it. And with that being said, that’s about all we have for you today. We will come back with something new for you soon. Until then, see ya!

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